Festival Makeup Survival Guide

IMG_7404Festival season is upon us!

Thought I’d share some tips on how to face melt without melting the makeup off your face.


First things first, primer! Not only does it help your foundation last longer but a mattifying primer greatly reducing shine. I use it everyday because I’m an oily beast. What I’ve found works the best is Make Up Forever Step 1 Equalizer Primer: Matte Finish and Benefit: POREfessional. I have HELLA oily skin and pores. That’s just me though, you can always find something that works for you and your skin type.

Along with primers, eyeshadow primer! Of course if you don’t wear eyeshadow it’s not as important. I tend to get pretty in depth when it comes to eyeshadow for festivals and primer is great for helping last longer. At the moment my favorites are Smashbox: 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer and Urban Decay: Primer Potion. You don’t need a lot so they last a long time.


Second we have, setting powder! Again, I am an oily beast so setting powder is super important for reducing shine and keeping makeup in place. You can put it on after you’ve finished your foundation or use the baking method, which I definitely recommend. At the moment I’m using NYX: Translucent HD Finishing Powder (Beauty don’t have to break the bank) and Bare Minerals: Mineral Veil. I also am fond of Urban Decay: De-Slick, but I swear to god I break or spill it every time I buy it.


Next up, Glue! Personally, I’m all about being a glittery, bedazzled majestic creature, so glue is 100% essential. Glitter, so magical but so evil. It will get everywhere but to have it stay in place glitter glue is needed. There are many kinds out there but what I’ve found works well is Too Faced: Glitter Glue (also lasts 5evr). It can be applied with fingers or brushes, I use a small concealer. For the glitter itself I apply with a medium concealer brush for dense application and a fan brush for loose application. This works best for fine glitter, when it comes to chunkier glitter lash glue is better.

So, lash glue! Whether you’re putting on lashes, gems or chucky glitter lash glue will make that shit never leave your face! From experience, there was one time I’ve had gems fall off my face and that’s because someone brushed up again me. Again, beauty don’t have to break the bank and I use Ardell or Duo which you can get at Target or Walmart.

IMG_7401On to the next topic, waterproof mascara! I cry at almost every festival I go to because I’m usually overwhelmed by how beautiful it all is and waterproof mascara is amazing for not having that shit run. It really helps when your hella sweaty as well. Most mascaras have a waterproof option so you can usually get the mascara you regularly use. I am ALL ABOUT eyelashes so I use 3 kinds to keep my lashes 100. I use the ones that aren’t waterproof first then apply the waterproof over it. This mayyyyy not help with keeping it waterproof but I haven’t had any issues so far.

IMG_7403Most importantly, setting spray. Setting spray is your friend! Essentially the top coat to your makeup, it helps all of your makeup stay on and last longer. I am forever an oily beast, so I use 2 setting sprays. Urban Decay: De-Slick and All Nighter. They both work wonders! Not that you should do this but, I’ve fallen asleep with my makeup on and woken up with it still looking pristine. This is just what works for me again, so you can always go and find something that works best for you. I’ve know people who swear by NYX and Elf setting sprays.

IMG_7408Lastly, I recommend bring oil blotting sheets with you into the festival. On many occasions security has made me throw out my powders whether loose or pressed because they were open. This is also why I avoid wearing lipsticks to festivals, but they’ve let me take it in a couple times. Blot sheets absorb the excess oils on your face and also can help keep your makeup on. There are many different kinds out there, but I use Boscia Blotting Linens. They’re packing is adorbs btw!

Hope this helps!



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